Doodle and Teddy, both born in 2012, were adopted from different shelters. Yet, now that they live in the same family, it seems like they’ve known each other for much longer. “They have been best friends since 2013,” says Theresa Mergl, mom to the two pups, adding, “I’ve never known two dogs to have such a close relationship.”

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Source: Theresa Mergl

Recently, though, Teddy started showing signs that something was wrong — he began limping, and not using his left hind leg normally.

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Soon after, Teddy was scheduled for surgery to address the problems in his leg and knee. Mergl tells PupJournal,

“Doodle knew something was wrong and prior to the operation absolutely wouldn’t leave his side.”

pit bull nurse

Source: Theresa Mergl

In order to undergo surgery to repair his knee, Teddy had to be at the veterinarian’s office — and away from home — for several days. Doodle was “miserable the 3 days he was gone,” Mergl explains.

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Source: Theresa Mergl

When Teddy returned home after his ordeal, Mergl worried that Doodle might be “too overwhelming” and overly excited to see him.

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Instead, Doodle proved herself to be a gentle, attentive nurse. According to Mergl,

“She surprised me by making herself his nurse and guardian. First night back I don’t think she slept.”

pit bull guardian

Doodle watching over Teddy on his first night home. Source: Theresa Mergl

When the family woke up the next morning, it was hard to tell if Doodle had even allowed herself a moment of sleep. She was bright, alert, and still watching over Teddy.

dog nurse

Source: Theresa Mergl

After some initial recovery time, Teddy was finally allowed to venture out of his crate. Mergl says that Teddy “slept while [Doodle] watched over him.”

dog nurse

Source: Theresa Mergl

Doodle went even further in her (self-appointed) nurse duties. When Mergl left the room for a moment, Doodle placed her favorite bone — one she usually wouldn’t give up — in the nook near Teddy’s healing leg.

dog bone gift

Source: Theresa Mergl

With a good luck bone, and a nurse like Doodle at his side, we have no doubt that Teddy will have a speedy recovery.

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Source: Theresa Mergl

Here’s to many more snuggles in the days ahead!

Header images via Theresa Mergl