Kisses from a loving dog are always special. But for this family, whose daughter who was previously bitten in the face by an aggressive dog, gentle affection from a pup is especially welcome.

Bill Griffith told PupJournal that after the experience with an aggressive dog, a local dog trainer agreed to help his family find a “bombproof” dog to adopt. That dog, named “Cream” at the time, was waiting for the family at the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter in New York.

“Cream” was soon renamed “BeauBee,” and quickly became a loving member of the family.

He can’t seem to get enough of his human sister — we’re not sure if he’d ever stop kissing her, if it was up to him.

We’re so glad that BeauBee has found a loving family, and that his humans saw this shelter dog for the “bombproof” pup that he is.

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You can follow more of BeauBee’s affections and adventures on Instagram.

Header image: Screenshot via YouTube