He was chained up for four years. And after the horrible abuse he suffered, you’d think that Diesel would lose all faith and trust in humans. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Diesel is a dog from the Yukon. He spent four years chained up outside, even in the summers or when the temperatures dropped to 40 below in the winters. And he was terribly abused.

Diesel was chained up in the snow

Source: Screenshot via Animal Advocates / YouTube

Luckily, workers from Animal Advocates were called and came to save Diesel. Animal Advocates is a nonprofit that fights against animal cruelty and try to destigmatize abused animals by showing that these animals can be loving, happy, and safe. And Diesel is living proof.

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Not only was Diesel chained up outside in the snow holding one paw and then the other off the freezing ground, but he had also had serious injuries. He had been kicked in the face by a horse before Animal Advocates found him.

His jaw and teeth were broken and his tongue was split. He also had a terrible, bloody shoulder wound from a fight with another dog. He never got water, had matted fur, and had mucus leaking from his eyes and nose.

dog in freezing cold

Source: Screenshot via Animal Advocates / YouTube

According to Animal Advocates, Diesel’s owner didn’t want to take care of him anymore. He didn’t realize how big the Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix would be. He planned to shoot him, but Animal Advocates stepped in instead.

He was taken to a vet, where he was neutered, had a benign tumor removed, and had X-Rays taken.