When Posh Pets Rescue saw a little white pup listed as “free” on Craigslist, they knew they had to act quickly.

This dog, who would later be named Lexi, was born with a rare disease that meant her front legs didn’t grow in normally. Her inability to walk made her vulnerable, and being listed as “free” meant that someone was simply looking to get rid of her — no matter who took her or how they would treat her.

dog with no front legs

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Luckily, Posh Pets got to her in time — or, rather, a dedicated volunteer named Mary Fayet did. Mary, with Lexi in her arms, turned out to be more than simply a “transport” for the rescue. Instead, she decided that she and Lexi would become family.

Fayet told PupJournal, “There was an immediate connection. I called Tom, my husband, and told him we just adopted a dog.”

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dog missing front legs

Image © Real Happy Dogs. Used with permission.

Mary wanted to help Lexi walk as best as she could. After lots of research, she discovered Eddie’s Wheels, a company that specializes in front wheel carts for dogs.

Using a wheelchair seemed like a great solution, but it wasn’t an easy one for Lexi. Because she wasn’t used to having any front limbs, attaching a device to them was scary at first. And, because she is so small, when she attempted to move forward, she would simply spin in circles.

The wheels were also a challenge to use in the hustle and bustle of New York City. As Mary told PupJournal, “Lexi went to work with me. At the time our office was between Herald Square & Times Square. Being an NYC dog on wheels, Lexi had to learn how to steer and stop. She also had to learn how to maneuver around the everyday foot traffic of NY. Some days were better than others.”

dog with wheelchair

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Yet, both Lexi and her human parents persevered, and after about six months, Lexi got the hang of her new wheelchair. Once she became confident in moving around with her wheels, that confidence spilled over into other areas of her life — she became less afraid of other people and dogs when out in the wider world.

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dog wheelchair

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Not only that, but Mary and Lexi both love dressing her up for maximum effect while she’s in her wheelchair. Not only does Lexi look confident in the way she moves in her wheels, but she looks stunning in her outfits.

Though the outfits serve a practical purpose, helping to prevent rubbing on her fur from the harness her chest sits on, they are also a signal to the world of her sunny disposition.

doggie wheelchair

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Now, Lexi acts as an ambassador for pups who are “specially-abled,” as Mary calls it. She shows the world that with the love and support of humans, pups who are missing limbs or are otherwise limited in their mobility can be just as confident, funny, and sassy as any other pup.

dog wheelchair

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You can follow Lexi on Instagram or Facebook. Check out the great work of Eddie’s Wheels for Pets, and consider supporting the rescue work of Posh Pets Rescue.

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