No one knows Boo’s story, or where exactly she came from.

She was found wandering in the streets on Halloween of 2015, her half-chewed leash hanging behind her. At first, staff at the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter thought that her owners might be looking for her.

But it’s been a year, and no one has come to claim her.

The shelter staff named her Boo because of her Halloween rescue, and soon learned that Boo was deaf.

adoptable deaf dog

Source: Boo – Deaf Pitbull Needs a Home / Facebook

Boo doesn’t seem to mind, though. She’s confident that her perfect family is coming to adopt her soon.

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While she waits, Boo has been learning all kinds of special skills. Even though she’s deaf, she’s making great progress in her training. Watch the shelter warden work with her on giving her paw: