No one knows Boo’s story, or where exactly she came from.

She was found wandering in the streets on Halloween of 2015, her half-chewed leash hanging behind her. At first, staff at the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter thought that her owners might be looking for her.

But it’s been a year, and no one has come to claim her.

The shelter staff named her Boo because of her Halloween rescue, and soon learned that Boo was deaf.

Boo doesn’t seem to mind, though. She’s confident that her perfect family is coming to adopt her soon.

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While she waits, Boo has been learning all kinds of special skills. Even though she’s deaf, she’s making great progress in her training. Watch the shelter warden work with her on giving her paw:

Boo has also been learning to walk nicely on a leash. She tends to bite her leash — perhaps this is how she chewed through her leash back in 2015 — but shelter staff and volunteers have been working hard to teach her how to walk properly on-leash.

One of the shelter volunteers, Phil, says, “I have been Boo’s walking buddy almost every weekend since she came to the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter on Halloween 2015.  She is always happy to see me. She is a very easy and calm walker. Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers.”

Another volunteer, Renee, agreed:

“Sweet Boo. I know she’s deaf, but the way she keeps checking in with me on our walks makes it easy to forget. I chatter away as she trots along happily. She’s smart as can be, loves to play and enjoys a good cuddle. This loyal girl would make someone a great best friend.”

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Boo also loves to play fetch. Throw her a ball, and she’s sure to bring it right back for another toss.

Megan, the Assistant Animal Warden at the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, says, “I enjoy spending time with Boo. She loves to play fetch and brings her toys back nicely and waits in anticipation for the next throw or play king of the castle.

“Boo is a special dog, she needs someone to understand that being a deaf dog doesn’t hinder her from being a typical dog. It just means someone has to accept her for how she is and give her the love she deserves.”

Boo also has a knack for being a good photography subject. With her smoky “eyeshadow,” she’s always ready for the camera.

Volunteer shelter photographer Sayoko says, “Boo is a great dog! She is so good about posing for pics, bless her.”

Best of all, Boo doesn’t mind taking baths. Shelter volunteer Mark says, “Cleanliness is readily available at our shelter. For Boo it starts bright and early…particularly after breakfast and a quick bathroom trip. Tubby time!”

Boo would love to be the only dog in her future family’s house. It’s easy to imagine her as the apple of someone’s eye, with her sweet and gentle nature.

Even though she’s deaf, she can “hear” love from those around her. She’s grown to trust the shelter staff and volunteers, and now wants a home with patient humans who can help her continue her training (and continue to be fun and silly, and pose for pictures).

If you think you might be the right person for Boo, you can find out more and apply to adopt her through the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter by calling (914) 665-2444, visiting the shelter’s website, or visiting Boo’s Petfinder or Facebook page.

Header images via Sayoko Murase Photography