Dogs make great superheroes: they’re adorable as stormtroopers and brave in “battle.” But for this dog, costumes are only one aspect of her superhero powers.

banner therapy dog ghostbuster

Banner as a Ghostbuster. Source: Banner the Super Dog

Banner, who is a 1-year-old Siberian Husky, not only wears some pretty epic costumes, but she’s also a service dog in training.

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Banner the therapy dog star wars

Banner the Sith Lord. Source: Banner the Super Dog

Banner dresses up in costumes for a reason — she helps others learn about service dogs and all that they can do. She also raises awareness about the proper ways to respond to a service dog team when they’re out in public.

dog as dogpool

Banner as Dogpool. Source: Banner the Super Dog

Banner is already trained to support her human with post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, and severe anxiety. She is also learning how to provide mobility support.

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banner the therapy dog as flash

Banner as Flash! Source: Banner the Super Dog

According to Banner’s human mom, Banner’s costumes help bring awareness to many of these “invisible” barriers. Though PTSD may be difficult to see, Banner’s superhero costumes show the ways in which she is able to support her human when she struggles with the effects of trauma.

banner therapy dog spider man

Banner as Spider (Wo)man. Source: Banner the Super Dog

Service dogs can perform a wide variety of tasks — we’ve seen before that they can comfort their humans when they sense some of these “invisible” challenges coming, such as a rising level of anxiety.

banner superdog

Banner the Super Dog!

To follow more of Banner’s adventures, check her out on Facebook.

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