Officer Marcus Montgomery wasn’t at the local animal shelter to adopt a dog. He was simply responding to a call about some concerning behavior from a previous shelter employee. But while he was there, the dog-loving cop got a surprise: he met a pup that seemed perfect for his family.

The night before, a box of 10 puppies was left in the near-freezing temperatures on the doorstep of animal shelter PAWS. The shelter supervisor, who knew that Officer Montgomery already had a PAWS rescue dog at home, suggested that Montgomery meet one of the little pups.

Montgomery held the puppy, and the look on his face tells it all:

Officer Montgomery and his wife not only adopted the little pup, but named him Kylo. Their other rescue pup, Vader, has a similar Star Wars-themed name.

two dogs snuggle

Dog siblings Vader and Kylo. Source: Kristin Hope Montgomery / Facebook

The PAWS animal shelter supervisor was right; Kylo really is perfect for this family!

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Header image via Panhandle Animal Welfare Society / Facebook