Sometimes the biggest personalities are found in the smallest bodies. That’s definitely the case for Quincy, an 8-year-old Bichon Frise who became an Internet sensation overnight after his first Vine video.

Bichon Frise

Source: @quincyvines / Instagram

It all started with a contest on Vine called “Hit The High Note.” Quincy, who has been an expert at mimicking sounds since he was just a pup, was the perfect candidate for such a contest.

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His human, Patrick Barnes of central Illinois, filmed a short video of them singing along with Celine Dion. Within 24 hours, his account jumped from having 200 followers to 2,000 —and kept growing to the 762,000 followers they have today.

It’s these behaviors that make Quincy so entertaining to watch, but his human is also pretty hilarious. Barnes, who graduated college recently with degrees in Information Technology and Marketing, would like to continue making videos of Quincy and perhaps even take the pup out to Hollywood.

dog poker

Source: @quincyvines / Instagram

In fact, it hasn’t just been the fans who have taken notice of Quincy and Barnes. They have been featured on several television shows, such as MTV’s Ridiculousness, The Doctors, Good Morning America, and Right This Minute.

But Quincy hasn’t let the fame go to his head. He’s still a regular little dude who enjoys walks, car rides (he particularly loves road trips — woo hoo!), and trips to the dog park.

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He was sitting next to Barnes during the interview, so these activities had to be spelled out so as not to get the pup too excited.

Bichon Frise

Source: @quincyvines / Instagram

There are some videos that portray Quincy as “snappy” with coveted items, which have led some followers to think the dog might be mean or have resource guarding issues. Barnes wanted to set the record straight, because Quincy “isn’t a mean dog at all.”

Barnes explained, “Quincy is super nice, and he’s always playing in those videos. He would never actually bite anyone. It’s my reactions that make it seem that way — like when I put my hand down slowly and then scream when he runs over. It’s all just a fun game to him.”

Clearly Quincy is an excellent actor, even if he’s never had any training to learn the tricks that we see in his videos. We think he has all the makings to become Hollywood’s next star canine!

dog costume

Source: @quincyvines / Instagram

You can follow Patrick Barnes and Quincy on all of their social media accounts to continue watching their antics: Facebook, Vine, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Their SnapChat handle is @peebasaur. You can also visit their website to get some of your very own Quincy gear.

Featured Image via: Patrick Barnes / Facebook