On April 11, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles hit a big, furry milestone: 365 consecutive days of therapy dog visits to help hospitalized kids.

The Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program trains pups to support children through illness and healing. According to the program’s website, they can

“…help motivate kids during physical therapy, distract them during long or uncomfortable procedures, and provide relief for those in pain.”

The beautiful celebration of these dogs, and the ways that they help kids heal, is captured in this video:

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Dogs that are trained through the program come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds — and about half are rescue dogs.

wrigley children's hospital therapy dog

Wrigley, a therapy dog at Children’s Hospital LA, provides a soft shoulder to lean on. Source: CHLA

While these pups have helped an astounding 10,000 patients in the last year, their support goes even further than that. The pups also comforted approximately 25,000 families and loved ones.

children's therapy dog gordon

Gordon the therapy dog is a big, gentle ball of comfort. Source: CHLA

To find out more about this incredible therapy dog program, which is entirely donation-based, visit their program page. You can also find CHLA on Facebook.

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