On May 11, a girl and her dog were playing in their fenced-in Florida backyard when they encountered a dangerous surprise: a rattlesnake, ready to attack.

The dog, Haus, put his own life at risk in order to stop the snake from biting Molly, his human sister. According to Molly’s mom, Donya DeLuca,

“Haus stood his ground, protecting my daughter and was bitten three times before the snake slithered away.”

haus the german shepherd

Haus with Molly, his human sister. Source: GoFundMe/SaveHaus

Thankfully, Molly was completely unharmed in the attack, but Haus had to be rushed to a veterinary clinic to receive anti-venom treatment. The snake was reported to be an “extremely venomous Eastern Diamondback.”

Initially, DeLuca reported that Haus had a “50/50 shot at survival,” since the anti-venom was helping but was not a “cure-all.”

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haus the german shepherd recovers

Haus recovers at the veterinary clinic. Source: Donya DeLuca

The treatment did begin to help Haus, although receiving nine vials of the anti-venom came at a significant cost. The DeLuca family started a GoFundMe page to cover an initial estimate of $10,000 in medical costs to save Haus’ life. That amount continued to rise — but so did the donations. As of May 14th, donations surpassed $50,000.

haus the german shepherd recovers

Haus recovering at the veterinary clinic. Source: Donya DeLuca

Now, Haus is doing much better, and on both the GoFundMe page and in a Facebook group created for supporters, DeLuca is asking individuals who want to help to donate to Heidi’s Legacy Rescue, the group that Haus was adopted from. Below, DeLuca shares a video of Haus recovering:

The DeLuca family has promised that any donations above the cost of Haus’ treatment “will go to Heidis Legacy Rescue and other charities.”

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