11 years old. For a bully-breed dog, that’s the equivalent of being a 70-year-old person. That’s just the time when dogs should be living out their “retirement” with a family — yet Indie and Choco, two 11-year-old dogs, were surrendered to a shelter in their golden years, putting them at high risk of euthanization.

flower power pit bull

Image © Sophie Gamand

They spent their whole lives living with a family, but all of that changed when their human dad, a member of the military, was deployed. Alternatives do exist for dogs whose humans are in the military; organizations like Dogs on Deployment or PACT for Animals provide homes for dogs while their human parent(s) are deployed. Still, Indie and Choco were surrendered, leaving it up to a southern California open-intake shelter to decide what to do with this pair of elderbulls.

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Shelter staff, knowing that the odds of adoption of a senior pair were slim, contacted nonprofit Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon. Luvable is known for taking on tough cases, including not only elder pups, but also pregnant dogs, who face a high likelihood of euthanization at shelters — and their puppies, who are often at risk of illness or even death when their vulnerable immune systems are exposed to infectious diseases in crowded shelters.

senior pit bulls

Image © Sophie Gamand

Luvable’s Executive Director, Liesl Wilhardt, told PupJournal that they took the pair in, and have been learning more about their beautiful personalities while they wait to find their forever home.

Wilhardt tells PupJournal that Indie and Choco are like an elderly couple — Choco is a “grandpa” who sits and watches television (he has a few favorite programs, including The Voice), and the two stick close together — even “rubbing against each other” sometimes — on walks.

adopt elder pit bull

Source: Luvable Dog Rescue

Even though these two have all of their physical needs met, they’re missing a crucial piece: human contact. They would love nothing more than to find a lap to snuggle in.

sophie gamand photo choco

Image © Sophie Gamand

In May of this year, these two senior pups got some extra special attention: they participated in photographer Sophie Gamand’s “Pit Bull Flower Power” series, which is meant to change the way pit bull-type dogs are perceived. Indie and Choco made great subjects, and will even be featured in the 2017 Flower Power calendar.

pit bull flower power series

Image © Sophie Gamand

While in Luvable’s care, Indie and Choco have gotten a clean bill of health from a veterinarian, and have shown that they have a very sweet and loving disposition. They’re closely bonded, and have enjoyed their time in foster care. Living in a guest house with an acre of land, Indie and Choco are surrounded by fir trees.

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Yet, these picturesque surroundings don’t mean nearly as much without the love of a family. These affectionate pups want to share their affection and be members of a family again. According to Wilhardt, Indie and Choco “just want to be with people.”

senior pit bull photo

Image © Sophie Gamand

If you think you could be the perfect retirement home for these sweet pups, they’re sure to shower you with affection and snuggles, and impress you with their mellow demeanor. Contact Luvable Animal Rescue for more information or to apply to adopt this pair. You can follow the adventures of all of Luvable’s adoptable pups on Instagram.

Header image © Sophie Gamand