It didn’t look like there was much hope for poor Marco the Pit Bull. Blind, sick, and hurt, Marco didn’t seem to have a chance. But thanks to one dedicated rescuer and some passionate dog lovers, Marco has a new lease on life.

Marco had a skin infection, mange, sores, barely any hair, and his skin didn’t even cover his tail when he was rescued by GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center in 2013. On top of all that, Marco was blind due to terrible cataracts and needed an expensive surgery to help him see. With all the problems and expenses, there wasn’t much hope for a potential adoption.

GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center described him as “a helpless soul in the back kennel of a back room of an animal control” who “knew he was going to die” when they found him.

Marco the pit bull transformation

Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center / Facebook

Luckily, that’s where Georgia Obenaus came in. The CEO of GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center took one look at Marco and knew he was a special guy. She made it her mission to find this loving pup a forever home.

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First, though, Marco needed his eyesight back. Obenaus and supporters Shana and Jamie Haines created a fundraising campaign to pay for the expensive surgery, and dog lovers around the country chipped in to help the pup.

By the time Marco had his surgery, he was a new dog. His skin healed, his fur had grown back, and now he could see. And he immediately recognized Obenaus after the surgery. He knew her scent right away and bounded into her arms.

Finally, he could see the woman who saved him.

Marco the pit bull and Georgia Obenaus

Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center / Facebook

“Every now and then, there’s a dog that just grabs your heart. And Marco was one of them,” supporter Jamie Haines said. “People from all over the country contributed to the Help Marco Fund.”

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The next step, though, was to find Marco a forever family. Though he had survived so much and made such a huge transformation, he still hadn’t found a home.

But then Ashley and Sara MacGinley stepped in. They were some of the first people to donate to Marco’s surgery and had followed his story. They figured Marco had been adopted. So they knew it was fate when they found out he was still looking for his forever home.

Marco with his family and rescuers

Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center / Facebook

“We’re really looking forward to it, and we want to be his forever home,” Ashley said. Jamie Haines added that they were just “waiting for the exact right people to step up.” And they did.

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While it will be an emotional goodbye for Marco and Obenaus after their saga together, Obenaus knows that Marco’s on to better things.

“As much as it hurts my heart to let him go, that’s what we do, what we hope for, our gift to Marco is to let him have the life he has waited so long for….the life that he deserved all along,” GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center wrote.

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