Three very lucky kitties were recently rescued and underwent surgery to address infections and other serious problems in their eyes. Unfortunately, all three had to have their eyes removed to stay healthy. In order to recover and learn how to navigate the world with their new blindness, the two kittens (named Bruce and Willis) and the adult cat (named Helen) are living in a foster home. Luckily, this foster home has some special nurses — two pit bulls who were themselves rescued.

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According to Faithful Friends, two of the kittens, Bruce and Willis, are a bonded pair, and will need to be adopted together.

two blind kittens snuggle


Helen, an adult cat, is “SUPER affectionate and wants nothing more than to be in your lap,” according to her adoption album on Faithful Friends’ Facebook page.

blind cat snuggles pit bull

Source: Sherry Stewart via Facebook

Alfie, one of the two resident pit bulls in the kitties’ foster home, is a certified therapy dog, according to USA Today.

pit bull snuggles blind kittens

Source: Sherry Stewart via Huffington Post

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