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1. Toy Camouflage

Dear Frank: I’ve been perfecting my toy camouflage. Can you see me?

Incognito in Indiana

dog buried in toys

Dear Incognito: Nope.


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2. Copier

Dear Frank: Do you know how to use a copier?

Office Help Needed in Oregon

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

3. Art Snob

Dear Frank: I am an artist by trade and recently did a very moving installation piece in our house for my human (pictured here). It was about struggle, love, self-doubt and toilet paper. My human didn’t like it and is demanding an apology. But I refuse to apologize for my art. What should I do?

Schnoodle in Indiana

dog chews up couch

Dear Schnoodle: I happen to think your art is a truly inspired commentary on our world today. Unfortunately, art is subjective. It’s best to say you’re sorry (Even if you’re not.)


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