Editor’s note: Each week, Frank the dog dispenses sage advice to other dogs in need. Have a question? Submit it, and Frank will answer!

1. Treat Myself

Dear Frank: My human only gives me like ten treats a day. She says that’s a lot and I’m like “No way!” How can I get more treats?

Chris in Georgia

dog wants treats

Dear Chris: The key to getting more treats is getting more humans. Here’s what you do: find each human when they’re alone (the alone part is very important), tell them you haven’t got your treat yet, get your treat and then move on to the next. Repeat this pattern multiple times with each human in the house. The return potential here is great!


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2. Couch Opinion

Dear Frank: My human says I’m not allowed on the couch. What should I do?

Couch Potato in Columbus

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

3. Sleep Shame

Dear Frank: I sleep about 12 hours a day…and I feel no shame….should I?

Cracker in Alberta

dog wants crackers

Dear Cracker: Each day brings a new opportunity to go to sleep. The way I see it, when opportunity knocks on your door, you answer. There is no shame in your nap game, my friend.


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