We get very few opportunities in our lives to create “statement” photos in honor of life’s big celebrations and milestones.

So this Tampa, Florida couple thought it only appropriate that for their once-in-a-lifetime engagement photos, they make a statement about who their family includes: dogs!

three dogs engagement photo

Source: AGoldPhoto

dog photo shoot

Source: AGoldPhoto

Photographer Adam Goldberg usually focuses only on dogs as his subjects. His photography benefits rescue dogs, promoting their adoption and helping the nonprofit shelters and organizations that care for them.

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But Alex and Audrey are a special couple: they wanted the focus of their engagement shoot to be on their pups. (Naturally, Goldberg agreed to the shoot.)

dogs in photo shoot

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dog parents get engaged

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Their dogs Maggie, Max, and Elly took the extra attention in stride. During the photo shoot, they didn’t mind wearing props and smiling for the camera, as long as they got to be close to their moms.

dogs with parents engagement

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dog with engagement sign

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We can only hope that these cute pups make their way into the wedding photography later this year, too.

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After all, Goldberg is part of a special team of wedding managers for pets: he helps photograph candid moments of your pup on the big day, while the other part of the team makes sure that the dog is given the attention he or she deserves while the couple and their family celebrate.

three dogs with parents engagement photography

Source: AGoldPhoto

Best wishes to Alex, Audrey, Maggie, Max, and Elly!

For more adorable pet photography, you can follow Goldberg on Instagram, or visit his website.

Header image via AGoldPhoto