Three dogs recently had a very special party to receive some very special news: their family is growing! Their parents, Roberta and Curtis Griner of Charlotte, North Carolina, have been approved to adopt three young girls.

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Clockwise from top left: Curtis Griner, Roberta Griner, Max, Maggie, and Red. Source: Roberta Griner

Maggie, Red, and Max, all adopted rescue dogs themselves, couldn’t be more ecstatic to share their loving home. Three dogs with three big sisters is exciting news for both the humans and the canines.

rescue dogs laying on bed

Left to right: Maggie, Red, and Max. Source: Roberta Griner

From the time she was 14 or 15 years old, Roberta Sá Griner knew that she wanted to adopt children. She even told this to her husband Curtis on their first date. Though she has nothing but the best feelings towards people who want to conceive, Griner told PupJournal of her own experience:

“If I can give a home, love, care, support — I didn’t feel my belly had the same value as raising them. My reason to be a mom is raising children, and I have always been big on adopting. It’s the family that feels right for us.”

That family began several years ago when Roberta adopted her first dog, Savannah. Through rescuing her, a self-described “difficult” dog with many challenges to overcome, Griner became more involved in animal rescue. (Sadly, Savannah has since passed away at the ripe old age of 16.)

peaceful dog laying on rug

Source: Roberta Griner

The next member to join the Griner clan was Max, a Beagle/Labrador mix who is thought to be about 7 or 8 years old now.

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Max was given up by neighbors of Roberta’s mother, so she took him in before he was taken to the shelter.

beagle lab with easter eggs

Source: Roberta Griner

Then came Red, a pit bull mix from a South Carolina shelter who was so malnourished and mistreated that he could barely walk. The Griners spent months taking him to vets, getting surgeries, and pushing him around in a cart. They even did a 5K marathon pushing Red in his cart! These days, he is walking on his own — even hiking with the family.

pit bull being carried in wagon

Left: Curtis and Roberta pushing Red in his cart for a 5k. Right: Curtis carrying Red after a long hike, walking Max. Source: Roberta Griner

Over the past three years, the Griners have fostered more than 70 dogs — often having a total of five dogs in the house at one time. Though they hadn’t planned on adopting another dog, Roberta knew within a day of fostering Maggie that she was home.

Also a pit bull mix, Maggie had been overbred and dumped at a Carolina shelter. She was terrified of loud noises, even falling to the ground in fear at more than a whisper, but now she loves to give hugs, handshakes, and talk to her friends.

pit bull

Maggie, comfy in bed. Source: Roberta Griner

The Griners have spent the last several months preparing for the adoption. Part of this preparation included buying a new home in a neighborhood with a great school for the girls to attend.

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However, anyone with a pit bull knows that these pups aren’t always well received by the neighbors. When the Griners moved in, they were met with critical faces and people who refused to get near their dogs.