About PupJournal

PupJournal believes that every dog has a story to tell. We amplify the voices of these dogs and the humans who love them. How do we do this?

1. We support adoption and rescue of pups in need of homes. Our inspiration is Meli the Pit Bull, our rescue dog who loves belly rubs and charms everyone she meets. We partner with local nonprofits in New York City to promote other adoptable dogs, and as our site continues to grow, a portion of our proceeds will directly support these organizations.

2. We curate stories about dogs’ influence in our lives. There are a ton of resources available on dogs and on integrating them into our families. We find the best of what’s out there, connecting our readers to trending news and useful resources about pups.

3. We provide a forum for dog lovers to share antics with each other. Join our community on Facebook and share pictures and stories of your dog. We can’t wait to meet your pup — or to inspire you to adopt one!

pit bull with flower collar

Meli the Pit Bull, Head Dog-in-Charge, PupJournal