Dog lovers and adoption agencies use lots of strategies to promote the rescue of pups in need. Stephanie Wong, who used to be actively involved in rescuing dogs, has a unique way of engaging in “passive rescuing,” as she calls it: she creates illustrations of dogs that have been adopted or are available for adoption, and shares them through her site, Paws Lullaby. These graphics show the lighthearted and playful personalities of adoptable (and adopted) pups. Below are a few of our favorites.

1. Peaches the Wonder Pit, a pit bull therapy dog we’ve written about before, is pictured below.

peaches the wonder pit bull


2. Aladdin, another pit bull therapy dog that PupJournal has featured, looking dapper.

aladdin the therapy pit bull


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3. Bennie, the dog-as-astronaut below, was adopted by Stephanie after his previous family abandoned him. (He passed away in early 2015 at the age of 13.)

dog astronaut portrait


4. Many of Stephanie’s illustrations directly benefit shelters, such as the one below; 100% of the proceeds went to House of Stray in Indonesia.

adopt don't shop illustration paws lullaby


5. Browniez is a pit bull mix, also adopted by Stephanie, who inspired her love of pit bulls.

sailor dog


6. Buddy, another pit bull therapy dog featured on PupJournal, in a special holiday illustration.

buddy the therapy dog paws lullaby


For more fun dog illustrations, check out Stephanie on Instagram.