Some dogs are so special, they can inspire an entire movement.

That was the case with Angel, a pit bull rescued by Rebecca Corry in 2008. Angel was found roaming the streets of South Central Los Angeles with signs of severe abuse, including chemical burns down the length of her back and puncture wounds all over her body. On April 2, 2016, sweet Angel passed away after a long battle with cancer.

angel stand up for pits foundation

Angel in a cookie store! Source: Rebecca Corry

Angel was ultimately the inspiration for Corry to establish the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, which is a “non-profit dedicated to saving lives and ending the abuse and discrimination of ‘Pitbull-type dogs’ (Pibbles) through live events, funds, education and advocacy.”

angel the pitbull

Angel sports bunny ears. Source: Rebecca Corry

The Stand Up for Pits Foundation’s message is one of accountability — for people who abuse and fight pit bulls, and also for the media in their negative portrayal of pit bull-type dogs.

The Foundation’s advocacy for pit bulls has spread even further in recent years. Angel inspired the One Million Pibble March on Washington in 2014, which was designed to bring awareness to abuse and discrimination against pit bulls, including specifically working to end breed-specific legislation.

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angel the pitbull with rebecca corry

Angel with Rebecca Corry. Source: Rebecca Corry

Corry, who is a comedian and actress, has helped spread Angel’s message far and wide — many have adored Angel through social media.

In an email to PupJournal, Corry said,

“My greatest accomplishment in life is that I was owned by an Angel. I loved every single second of every single minute and I will miss her every single second of every single minute for the rest of my life.”

angel the pitbull celebrates birthday

Angel celebrating in her birthday dress. Source: Rebecca Corry

Angel also had a silly side. According to Corry,

Angel spent her life “Farting, snorting, eating, loving, barking, traveling and being a light and inspiration to millions.”

angel the pitbull with rose

Angel. Source: Rebecca Corry

We hope that Angel’s life and story will inspire many to adopt and support pit bulls, and to stand up against abuse and discrimination. To support the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, visit their website.

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