Whether for a family photo, holiday party, or simply lounging around the house, your dog’s holiday look isn’t complete without an ugly Christmas sweater.

Below are a few handmade “ugly” (but actually adorable) ideas to get you started.

1. Handmade deer sweater
This sweater would go perfectly with a warm fire and some eggnog (or dognog).

handmade christmas sweater for dog

Source: BurgerAndFriends

2. Christmas Elf Pom Pom sweater
Any pup could take on gift-delivering duties in this cute hoodie.

pom pom christmas sweater for dogs

Source: PetitDogApparel

3. Crocheted holiday hoodie
Perfect for a romp in the chilly air (or snow)!

crochet christmas sweater for dog

Source: JennyStakerInspired

4. Personalized Christmas PJs
What better way to wait for Santa than patterned pajamas on Christmas Eve?

christmas pajamas for dogs

Source: CatDiggityDog

5. Rudolph the red-nosed dog
We all need to look our best for the family photo. That red nose will take the cake!

christmas reindeer nose costume for dogs

Source: ilickyou

6. Holiday bow tie
In case you need that “classy” look for this year’s party.

christmas bow tie for dogs

Source: CityDogApparel

7. Cozy fleece turtleneck
Little pups can’t have all the fun — big dogs want to dress up, too!

fleece christmas sweater for pit bull

Source: ToothandHoney

8. Holiday scarf
Santa’s little helper needs a scarf.

fuzzy christmas scarf for dog

Source: DressedtotheK9

9. Doggie santa sweater
Modern Santa, modern dog.

santa baby christmas sweater for dog

Source: Sh3Collection

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