With Halloween just around the corner, we thought National #PitBullWeek would be the perfect opportunity to bring you pictures of pit bulls in costumes! We haven’t met too many pitties yet who didn’t tolerate a silly getup, even if they put on a pouty face while they wear it. Here are 24 insanely cute blockheads in their best costumes to get you pumped for Halloween!

First up is Farmer Pibble…

pit bull farmer costume

Source: My Pit Bull Friend / Facebook

Then there’s this adorable cop and robber duo…

pit bulls cop and robber costume

Source: Oakland Animal Services / Facebook

The cutest Mexican standoff ever…

pit bulls mexico costumes

Source: Kabrina Martinez-Marchant

An adoptable land shark named Jay-Z (available at Yonkers Animal Shelter)…

pit bull shark costume

Source: Nancy Clarke

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A pretty amazing group of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

pit bull teenage mutant ninja turtles costume

Source: Faith the Surfing Pit Bull / Facebook

A fierce lion in a wheelchair named Eddie Milo (adoptable through Second Chance Rescue)…

pit bull lion costume

Source: Camp SCR / Facebook

Another adoptable lion named Zeus and his pal Penny Pig (available via Muddy Paws Rescue)… 

pit bull lion pig costume

Source: Foster Dogs, Inc. (Stacey Axelrod Photography) / Facebook

The Village Pibbles…

pit bulls in costume

Source: Sam Kling

Sophie the Skunk…

pit bull skunk costume

Source: Mandy Bassage

Chase/Carl the Saddest Unicorn ever (hang in there, buddy— you’re adorable!)…

pit bull unicorn costume

Source: Katie Kaulius

An adoptable Daniella monster (available through Mr. Bones & Co.)…

pit bull costume

Source: Gabriela Landazuri Saltos

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Princess Graciegator…

pit bull alligator costume

Source: Elsie DeWolf

The traditional pumpkin (adoptable Gem from Yonkers Animal Shelter)…

pit bull pumpkin costume

Source: Nancy Clarke

A crazy cat lady…

pit bull cat lady costume

Source: Kerry’s Kritters Pet Care Services / Facebook

Chicken Little…

pit bull chicken little costume

Source: Jeffrey the Positively Peaceful Pit Bull / Facebook

Lucy the adoptable Lady Bug (available through Yonkers Animal Shelter)…

pit bull ladybug costume

Source: Nancy Clarke

An Apple Flower…

pit bull flower costume

Source: Amy Gagnon

Cola the Caterpillar (adoptable through Yonkers Animal Shelter)… 

pit bull caterpillar costume

Source: Nancy Clarke

Kaya (left) and Blue (right) ready for the big game… #rolereversal

pit bulls football player cheerleader costume

Source: Kate Meseroll

And of course what’s Halloween without some superheroes… like WONDER WOMAN!

pit bull wonder woman costume

Source: Danna Taro

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Clark Kent/SUPERMAN!

pit bull clark kent costume

Source: Sam Kling

SUPERGIRL! And her trusty sidekick, Pumpkin?

pit bulls in costume

Source: Marisa Grimshaw

 Captain America!

pit bull captain america costume

Source: Kabrina Martinez-Marchant

And last but not least, this one is simply called “Mom Is Going On Vacation”…

pit bull wearing wig

Source: Liz Merzigian

And on that note… we’re outta here! Happy Halloween, everyone!

PupJournal is proudly hosting National #PitBullWeek, or #NPBW, to celebrate blocky-headed wigglebutts, otherwise known as “pit bulls.” It’s time these pups are able to live their lives free from discrimination and harm. You can find articles, videos, and adoptable dogs on our National Pit Bull Week page and on Facebook. Join us by tagging National #PitBullWeek, or #NPBW!

Header images via Kerry’s Kritters Pet Care Services (left) / Aysha Dawn (right)