Last month, a young animal lover in South Africa encountered a nightmarish scene on his walk home from school. A dog named Honey that he recognized as belonging to his neighbor was laying on the side of the road. She appeared to have been hit by a car.

13 year old saves dog

Source: CLAW / Facebook

Rather than panic or pass by, he contacted the owner immediately. The elderly woman was at a loss with no transportation to help her pet, so Lunga, 13 years old, took it upon himself to arrange transport to a nearby facility.

dog life saved south africa

Source: CLAW / Facebook

Lunga was already a well-known friend to animals at CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), the clinic where he took Honey. He was proud to tell them of his own dog, named Taylor, and how she has already been sterilized and is up to date on her vaccinations.

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By stepping in and getting her immediate attention, Lunga was able to help save Honey’s life. Sadly, her badly broken leg had to be amputated, but it was only a matter of days before she was feeling better, eating regularly, and even wagging her tail again. She is now home back home with her owner.

dog saved south africa

Source: CLAW / Facebook

Lunga brought his own healthy pup Taylor to the clinic to visit, and the love they share is very apparent. Children like Lunga are the future of animal welfare, and this young man has the compassion we’d love to see in every human!

As a thank you, CLAW is using surplus funds donated to Honey’s care to buy Lunga supplies for the new school year.

dog south africa

Lunga with his own pup, Taylor. Source: CLAW / Facebook

CLAW is a pioneer for bringing community-based primary animal healthcare to South Africa. They concentrate on disadvantaged areas where owners may not be able to afford the preventative care their pets need, which puts them at a greater risk for disease, malnutrition, and abandonment. They provide a host of services, from vaccinations to sterilization to education and beyond. CLAW works to create a culture of accountability and responsible pet ownership while keeping animals healthy and safe.

If you’d like to help CLAW continue their pioneering work, consider making a donation.

Header images via CLAW / Facebook